Best Toys For a Dog

We all know that dogs love to chew and play with toys. They’re like little kids in that way, always looking for something new to do or play with. You can find a huge variety of toys at the pet store, but how do you know which ones are best? I’ve done some research and found out what most dog owners prefer when it comes to buying their pup a toy.

The Benefits of Toys

Not only does it keep your dog occupied when there isn’t time for a walk or playtime with you, but the constant chewing and playing helps them to maintain good dental health. If you feel bad about not being able to take your pup out as much as they’d like, then they might just thank you for getting them a toy that satisfies their need to chew and work on something new.

Every dog needs mental stimulation in order to be healthy and happy, and having a wide variety of toys is one way in which they can get this. The great thing about toys is that there are so many different types for all sorts of tastes.

Types of Dog Toys

There is an endless variety of dog toys on the market, and choosing just one out of so many can be very daunting. Here are some types that you might want to choose from:

  • Balls – There are balls made for chewing, like nylabones and rawhides, as well as balls to play fetch with. This can help them burn some energy while giving them something interesting to do during the day.
  • Plush Toys – These types of toys usually have squeakers inside which will elicit a reaction from your pup when they press it or step on it.
  • Rubber Toys – Some are made of hard rubber while others are softer, but they’re great for puppies who still have their baby teeth.
  • Squeaky Toys – If you don’t like to hear a squeaker every time your pup plays with one of these, it may be best not to get them one. They love the noise!
  • Interactive Food Toys – These give your dog extra mental stimulation when they have to work to get food or treats out of them.

Tips for Choosing the Right Toy For Your Dog

  • Keep your dog’s size and chewing habits in mind. If you have a big, tough breed of dog, they might love the rubber toys even though they may be too strong for smaller dogs to play with.
  • Make sure that any toy you get is non-toxic and hasn’t been recalled. You can find out about this by searching online or asking at the pet store where you buy it.
  • Try to find something that is made of natural fibers like cotton and leather instead of plastic or vinyl if possible since these types of materials can often cause irritation to sensitive skin or mouths.

When You Shouldn’t Give a Dog a Toy

Not every toy is safe for dogs to play with. Some things you should keep your dog away from include:

  • Toys that contain loose parts like eyes and noses, which can be chewed off and swallowed by accident.
  • Small balls or stuffed toys that they could swallow whole and get stuck in their throat or intestines.
  • Cheaply made toys or ones that are falling apart since this could cause them to choke when trying to chew it up.


Your dog can be either physically or mentally challenged by toys, depending on what type you get them. Not all dogs are the same so it’s important to consider what they like before buying something new for them. Most owners don’t think twice about getting their pup a ball or plush toy, but when you want to get the best ones for your dog it’s good to know that there are many options out there suited just for them!

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